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Waterlilies by Claude Monet

Eugénie van Nispen

Dutch Old Masters invoke a sense of being at home since I grew up under Dutch skies and on her land and water.


At 18, a year in Paris marks the start of my exploration of the Impressionists. I discovered the joy and heart opening effect of great art. An appreciation, a wonder and a curiosity has stayed with me ever since.


In London, where I live and work following a master degree in Dutch Civil Law and Copyright Law, I trained to become an art historian (Courtauld Institute of Art). I have since managed accounts at the Bridgemen Art Library and have worked with families with various art collections. Furthermore and most prominently, I have been an art historical detective for more than 20 years, finding original sources, increasing knowledge and recognising connections.


As a result I offer:


Art historical research for books, articles, film

Picture research - finding images & clearing rights

Independent bespoke art trips throughout Europe

Support private art collectors with inventory, collection management & consultancy


Over the years, I have been working on a regular and continuous basis with Andrew Graham-Dixon, the well renowned art critic, art historian, writer, filmmaker and most of all story teller.

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Dream Project

I am currently doing art historical research for a book about Johannes Vermeer (for Andrew Graham-Dixon) whereby I get to dive into 17th century Dutch Culture while studying and reflecting on the enigmatic beauty of Vermeer's paintings.


 Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer (Mauritshuis) 


 Woman Holding a Balance by Johannes Vermeer (National Gallery, Washington) 

Art & Wellbeing

Art is integral for my wellbeing, my growth and understanding of the world. I look forward to sharing my experience, my thinking and research. The more we see and hear, the greater will our understanding be for the creative process, the world around us and the role of art to bridge the seen and the unseen.


Please contact me for any queries.


Thank you.

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 Photocredit: Larissa Aperghis 

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